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Comprehensive Guide from A to Z for Football Betting Experience

Football betting experience is always a topic that many newcomers are interested in because relying solely on luck without experience can easily lead to losses. Therefore, if you want to hunt for bonus money from football betting odds, follow the win tips bet article shared below.

Choose Suitable Football Odds

When playing football betting, there are usually types of bets such as Asian Handicap, European odds, and over/under odds. Each type of football odds has its own characteristics, so you need to understand the rules of the game, how to bet, and how to calculate winnings and losses for each type of odds before deciding to bet.

Choose a betting method that suits your strengths. However, if you lose too many times, try learning and playing other types of odds to relax your mind and eliminate the misconceptions you often default to. Changing odds like this will give you a new perspective and allow you to see where you went wrong.

In addition to searching for odds from latest betting site, you should also try to consult the football betting experiences of experts on major betting forums. Here, detailed instructions on how to analyze odds, place bets, and share betting experiences, as well as provide extremely attractive VIP odds, can be found. Some examples of such forums are Cadovn, Asianbookie, Aegoal... Simply register as a member to join the forum and learn from other players.

Do Not Bet with the Crowd

Not betting with the crowd is a very important football betting experience that many people overlook. Typically, most people always believe that the crowd is always right.

However, in betting or analyzing odds, this can be extremely dangerous, especially for major matches that the public and media truly care about.

Following the crowd can expose you to certain risks. Especially, top betting site may change or reverse the odds. Therefore, avoid following the crowd, and you can even go against the crowd and decide based on logical calculations and your own research.

So how should you bet on football to recognize the trend of the crowd? It's simple, the basic methods below will help you do this:

Read news in newspapers, teams that are praised will usually be strong teams, and are more likely to win.

Go to cafes where people who love to analyze odds usually gather to predict the offline trend.

Follow on social media, betting forums to predict the online trend.

Consult Betting Experiences from Experts

Over/Under odds is a type of football odds that many players love because it's very easy to play and has low risk. However, not all players have experience in playing Over/Under odds.

Some experiences in football betting Over/Under odds from experts include:

When to bet Under?

If the sign to bet on Over/Under odds is when both teams have the ability to score many goals, then bet Under for matches with few goals.

Both teams have similar playing styles or both are strong defensively.

Both teams do not prioritize scoring goals but focus on security.

Both teams have stable form, with not too much difference.

Consult other Over/Under betting experiences

When to bet Over?

The first thing to do when analyzing bookmaker odds is to pay attention to the history of matchups between teams. If playing Over/Under odds, then team information, win-loss ratio, or player form are key factors to help you make accurate decisions.

Another popular betting method is the stuffing Over bet. This method means you will place an Over bet in the 15th - 25th minute of the first half and in the 50th minute of the second half.

Some other experiences in football betting Over odds include:

The bookmaker odds are that the total number of goals will be more than 4.

Both teams have contrasting playing styles.

Both teams have offensive playing styles and both need points to stay in the league.

Both teams have weak defenses.

The home team's stadium is very passionate, and can affect the psychology of the away team.

Many people believe that big teams on a losing streak for 3 consecutive matches should be bet on for Over odds in the 4th and 5th matches. As for teams winning 3 consecutive matches, they should be bet on for Under odds in the 4th match.

These are some of the hot odds that the public and the media are paying attention to.


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