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Guide to play over/under bet in football betting

The over/under bet, commonly known as "tài xỉu" in Vietnamese, might not be unfamiliar to seasoned bettors. This type of wager is prevalent across online platforms, attracting a large number of enthusiasts due to its simplicity and excitement. However, do you have a firm grasp of the information regarding this type of bet and how to calculate it accurately? Let's delve into it with Wintips in the following ht/ft soccer tips

What is the over/under bet?

The over/under bet is a popular type of bet in football betting. In this type of wager, the bookmaker predicts a certain number regarding the total goals scored in a match. Players need to rely on their experience and place an over bet if they believe there will be a greater number of goals scored in the match, or an under bet if they anticipate fewer goals. This number may vary depending on the timing and progress of the match.

If the number of goals in the match exceeds the figure set by the bookmaker, those who placed over bets will win. Conversely, if there are fewer goals scored, those who chose under will be rewarded. All players involved receive their initial stake back if the total number of goals matches the figure set for the bet.

Currently, bookmakers often use various criteria to predict the over/under figure, such as total goals, total points in the match, the number of cards, and corners in the match. This provides players with a variety of options when participating in betting, making it more engaging and exciting.

Detailed explanation of each type of over/under bet

The calculation of points in over/under betting is generally straightforward and depends on each different odds, as outlined below:

Over/under 1.5

In the over/under 1.5 bet, players predict whether the total number of goals will exceed 1 or not. If a bettor chooses under and there is either one goal scored or no goals scored in the match, they win. Conversely, if a player selects over, they win if there are two or more goals scored.

Calculation of over/under bet:

Profit = Wager x Bookmaker's Odds.

Over/under 1.75

For the 1.75 odds, the betting and results are determined as follows:

If the total number of goals in the match is 0 or 1, players who bet under win and receive the amount equal to their wager multiplied by 0.5.

If there are 3 or more goals scored, bettors who choose over win according to the specified odds.

Especially when there are 2 goals scored, all participants win/lose half of their wager.

Over/under 2

In the over/under 2 bet, bettors predict that under wins if the total number of goals in the match does not exceed 2, while over wins if there are more than 2 goals scored. In this case, the profit is calculated by multiplying the wager by the odds of each option.

Over/under 2.25

For this odds type, the determination of results and the calculation of winning/losing bets are as follows:

If the total number of goals in the match is 0 or 1, players who bet under win and receive their initial wager (based on the odds) plus half of the stake they initially placed.

If there are 3 or more goals scored, bettors who choose over win according to the specified odds.

In the special case when the total number of goals is 2, bettors who choose over lose half of their wager, while those who choose under receive half of their initial stake back.

Over/under 3

In the over/under 3 bet, if the total number of goals in the match is under 3, those who bet under win, and those who bet over win if it's higher. In the event of exactly 3 goals scored, it results in a draw. The winnings in this over/under bet are calculated by multiplying the bettor's stake by the corresponding odds.

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Some common over/under betting options often encountered by bettors

Over/under betting has various popular forms for you to choose from when participating in betting, among which include:

Corner kick over/under

Understanding over/under betting is surely not unfamiliar to bettors with the corner kick type, one of the popular types in football, attracting the attention of many players. In this type, you need to predict the number of corner kicks in the match. The bookmakers will provide an estimated number, and you have to predict whether the final result will be more or less than that, while placing your bet accordingly.

Card over/under

Card betting is an interesting side option in football betting odds, focusing on the total number of cards drawn in a match. Bettors need to predict whether the total number of yellow and red cards will be higher or lower than the bookmaker's set threshold, while choosing the corresponding over or under option.

The thresholds set by the bookmakers are criteria for players to decide on their bets. When the platform determines a specific number, you will choose to bet on over if you believe the cards will exceed this threshold, or under if you predict less. Calculating the winnings for over/under bets, especially for the card type, is quite straightforward. The winnings you receive depend on the amount of your bet and the applicable odds set by the bookmaker.

Total goals

Over/under betting on total goals is one of the popular types in football betting activities. In this type, you need to predict the number of goals scored in a match, then bet on over or under based on the odds set by the bookmaker.

This form of over/under betting on total goals is widely applied to matches big and small worldwide. What's particularly appealing is the simplicity of this type of bet, attracting both new players and experienced bettors. You just need to make a prediction about the number of goals scored and place your bet accordingly.

These odds offer attractiveness due to the relatively high chance of winning. In addition to betting on the total number of goals in the entire match, players can also predict for each team, creating more opportunities and challenges.

Key points to note when participating in betting

Understanding what over/under betting is, however, to easily win big prizes from bookmakers, when participating in betting, you also need to pay attention to some important points:

Bettors should wait after the first 10 minutes of the match because if there are no early goals, the odds will decrease, thus increasing the chance of winning.

Research and select matches by studying the schedule. You may feel more confident in your predictions by considering attacking and defensive playing trends to make the right decisions.

Limit betting on under in the second half if the first half ends without any goals; instead, observe the match's development and reassess the opportunities before making a decision.


So these are some general information betting tips app about what over/under betting is and how to calculate the winnings that bettors need to know. Hopefully, through what we have discussed in the article, bettors will have a smoother experience, knowing the winning odds and achieving maximum profits.


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